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Hourglass worm gear set production and sale

Globoidal worm gear

Long worm gears have a fundamental limitation in supply due to their difficulty in design and processing. For this reason, only a few companies in the world can now design and manufacture proven design. SDG’s long worm gear solved the defects of cylindrical worm gear (heating, low life). The long worm gear was derived from the idea of the best genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci. The general worm gear (or cylindrical worm gears) is in line or point contact. The long worm gear on the other hand, has a structure in which the worm shaft and the worm wheel surrounds each other, allowing more simultaneous biting and large area contact. This is the biggest advantage of the long worm gear.

Hourglass worm gear speed reducer production and sale

Globoidal Worm Gear Gearbox

Reducer with SDG long worm gear is
15% more efficient than general worm gear reducer and three times stronger from external shock.
Therefore, space efficiency can be increased by downsizing up to 40%.

  • Main gear box, steering, power seat, sunroof, power window, various optional devices, renewable energy and power plant application
  • wind power (Yo, Pitch Gear, etc) Solar light (Tracker), Valve (Automatic hydraulic pressure, Hydraulic pressure), actuator (For static control) Industrial and construction heavy equipment applications
  • Diversion device, Hoist, Excavator, Forklift.

Hourglass worm gear system analysis/solution proposal/joint development

System Analysis/Engineering Services

Based on the design and analysis capabilities of SDG,
service solves the internal mechanical problems and provides the
soptimal solution for the development of new products

application area

  • Application fied- company/group public works
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • Electric vehicles
  • Excavator
  • Elevator
  • Paper
  • Metal forming
  • Steel making
  • Extrusion Equipment